What an Exhausting Year 2020 has Been.


I for one am looking forward to seeing a big improvement as 2021 unfolds. The vaccines are rolling out now and although it will be a while before everyone has the opportunity to get it, we’re all hoping things improve quickly.

Car washing last year saw a roller coaster of business ups and downs. Some car washes closed during the initial outbreak, opening up in late spring, only to close again in late fall. Fewer people going to work meant fewer vehicles on the road and less need to wash them. Supplies often came in late as delivery companies struggled to keep up with the increase in business from online shoppers.

Here at Pelco, we were faced with the same problems. While we remained open, with less staff, because we supply some “essential services”, we often experienced delays both in getting and sending parts and equipment. Our reduced staff has caused some delays as we endeavour to get all the work done with less bodies to do it. Admittedly, there have been some delays, but we have been working hard to get caught up.

As we all move forward into the new year, I hope all our problems may be overcome and we see the end of this current situation. Our wish for all of you is that you stay safe and those around you as well. As always, please remember to contact us for any of your car wash needs and reach out with any questions which may come up.

Wishing all of you a safe and profitable 2021.