Car Wash Investor Guide

The success of a new self-service carwash is the result of good planning. Pressure Equipment Ltd. (PELCO) has prepared this investors guide to help you, the prospective investor, properly plan your new carwash facility.

The recommendations contained in this guide are not just theory. They are the result of our own experience, together with building, owning and operating self-service carwashes and in manufacturing self-service car washing equipment, experience that dates back to 1960.

Over the years, the car washing industry has evolved from its early formative stages, into a highly professional industry. At Pressure Equipment Ltd, we are proud of the contribution we have been able to make to our industry.

As self-service car washing continues to grow both in popularity and prosperity we hope that this investors guide will help you in becoming a part of the self-service car washing industry.

Chris Rowlands, President