Can your Customers and potential customers find your car wash business on the internet?

If they can't you may be losing business. These days people turn to the internet for most of their sourcing. If they can't find you, they aren't going to use your wash. "I'm no website designer", you may be saying, but you don't need to be. Even without a website, you can make your presence known on Google very easily. If your business is identified on Google Maps, you need only to "Claim This Business" and start to fill in the details. If it's not identified, click on the location on the map and you can "Add a missing place" and then claim it. If you're really not that tech savvy about using Google, ask a teenager you know to help. It won't take them long to have you showing up on searches when people type "car washes near me". This also gives people an opportunity to review your business and leave a comment about their experiences,
good or bad.

Before you say that you don't want any negative comments about your business; look at it as an opportunity to keep your car wash running properly and showing it is a business that people enjoy and want to patronize. This may also serve to encourage you to see your wash as others see it. This is a wonderful ability, to be able to see what others see when they come to the car wash. It also gives you an opportunity to communicate with the customers, thanking them for leaving a review and acknowledging any problems they had and what you have done about it. Reviews also encourage other customers to come to your wash. "Well, if these people liked their experience there, it must be a very good car wash". You may also see some suggestions show up on improvements which can make washing their vehicle more enjoyable. Don't be afraid of negative comments. Things like "I went to that car wash and the coin box was jammed, so I couldn't get a wash and lost my money". This is an opportunity to respond with “Thank you, Jane, I was there shortly after you and saw what had happened. It's all fixed and working now. Please contact me so that I may be sure you get your money back and please
accept a free wash".

Of course, you can go further and get a website up and running. This is not as complicated as it once was. Sites like GoDaddy take most of the work out of having a website and can allow you to add content so people can see what your business is like and know someone cares about it. The upshot of all this is, with very minimal effort, you can have a tool which people can use to find and use your car wash and at the end of the day, that is what we all want.