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With over 30 years of experience, PELCO has proven to be one of the most dependable suppliers of high-pressure triplex piston and plunger pumps in the market. For fast delivery, we stock repair parts, accessories and pumps.

Most equipment provides easy field servicing and routine maintenance with no special tools
required. Sales and service support are readily available. By continuing to invest in new products and technologies, we provide the innovation you’ve come to expect from your industrial pump supplier.

Here at PELCO we specialise in customised pumping systems. If you have an application which demands more than the standard pressure washer typically sold at large hardware stores and pressure washer supply houses, call PELCO. We start where those others leave off.

Perhaps you have a requirement for pumping fluids other than plain water. We’ve built systems which pump Reverse Osmosis and De-ionized water, mixtures of water with exotic additives, sea water, or sometimes not water at all. Our units have been put to use pumping liquid CO2 as well as some acids.

If you’re involved in pressure testing, either vessels or items within a vessel, you should be speaking with us. Our units have simulated sea water pressure at various depths for monitoring equipment at sea. Others are in use testing both new and used steel and plastic piping.

System flows from as little as 0.1 GPM up to over 80 GPM are available, with pressures up to 10,000 PSI. Pumps come with a variety of seal materials to pump accommodate various fluids.