“Nope, this doesn’t work. Let’s try this one. Damn; it isn’t any good either." 

All but the most diligent organizers have been through this when trying to replace a part which has stopped working. You think you have the necessary pieces you need when things break down, only to find the part you thought was still good – is not!

I think we all want to believe we can get a little more life out of that part we took off. It just might do in a pinch until a new part can be ordered. Sometimes that works. You put that old part back in and it seems to be holding its own. This is false security. More often than not, that old part you put back into service seems to be working. You think all is good and put it our of your mind. Days or weeks later, it fails again; this time, at the worst possible moment. Now you need a new part and cannot afford to wait. Hopefully, the supplier has it in stock.

This month we’re focusing on the basics in spare parts. You’ll find three packages offered in the Specials section. These are by no means comprehensive and won’t cover every problem which may occur, but it’s a good start.
They are offered in three packages starting with the most basic and moving up to items which can be a life saver on the weekend break downs. If you’d like to make additions or changes to any of the three, please call and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you’re experiencing a problem or problems with a system or piece of equipment which refuses to stay working, even after you’ve fixed it, call Pelco.

If we can’t get it sorted out over the phone, we can get someone there to fix it, or if it’s an item which can be sent in to be fixed, that will work as well. Take a little time and go over what you need.