If you’re like most car wash operators, you take the time to fix items when they break down or are underperforming. There have been solenoids, coin acceptors, booms, guns, brushes, and all kinds of other items which have needed to be repaired or replaced. Your pumps have been repacked and rebuilt as well. Perhaps you’ve also had to have some motors attended to.

If your equipment has a few years under its belt, perhaps it’s time to look at replacing the pump and motor. While they can be refreshed a number of times. After awhile the performance is no longer there and new seals and valves seem like throwing good money after bad. Motors as well can suffer from the long hours of running.

It may be time to replace the pump and motor combination at your wash. These can either be a direct drive setup or belt drive combination; whatever is most convenient for you. Cat Pumps come in lots of configurations and one will be right for you. Pelco can supply a complete pump and motor unit with regulator and pressure gauge, even solenoids on the package, if that is what you need. The motors can come in anything from 1.5 HP to 5 HP or even greater if you are running a large truck cleaning operation.

Single phase or three phase power is also an option, depending on what you have available. If you started with single phase years ago, but now have a three phase capability, this may be the time to make the change. Other items like variable frequency drive may be of interest.

Here at Pelco, we can build an assembly which may be configured to fit into your existing platform, if that is the best solution for you. These can take the form of floor mount, wall mount, or something to fit your current requirements.
Whether you operate a large truck wash pumping out water at 2,000 PSI or a small two bay wash with a limited water supply, we can supply a system which will do the job you need. Call today to discuss what will work best for your facility.